Bowed Strings - Mandolins - Special Acoustic Services
Small shop service in a too-busy McWorld

  • Violin family from Eastman Strings, House of Weaver,  
    Appalachian Violin Company, Amatis Fine Instruments,
    Howard Core, our own Appalachian Violin Company models,
    and interesting vintage instruments
  • Bows from Arcos Brasil, Coda Bow, IStrings
  • Mandolins from Eastman and Kentucky
  • All instruments professionally set up in our shop
  • Custom mandolin Mandovoodoo acoustic blueprinting
  • Violin family and guitar acoustic blueprinting
  • Personal attention
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PO Box 11
TN 37737
NOTE: This site under revision; not all prices and
information is current.  Please bear with us.

Our small shop is operated by Stephen Perry in the Chicagoland
area, a recent move from Friendsville, Tennessee, where our
Appalachian line was developed over many years.  We provide
the classical bowed string, fiddle, and mandolin markets with
properly set up handmade instruments, including the wonderful
"regrads" developed by our associated Appalachian Violin
Company.  Stephen has also restarted production of benchmade
instruments. We have no showroom, but may be available by

Please call or
email for our shipping address which is no longer in
Tennessee, although that address will show up on this site until it
is completely revised.  

Purchasing from us:

  • We have a separate storefront site for purchasing via
    charge card
  • Contact us for other means of payment (we accept trades,
    cash, cashier's checks, and precious metals on an
    individual basis)
  • Prices often include lower 48 shipping
  • All instruments receive careful set up and testing
  • We offer excellent prices on instruments ordered for you,
    and will ship within a promised time period or refund in full
  • Most purchases may be returned for refund or exchange
    within 3 days for mandolin and guitar, 7 days for violin
  • Email or texting is best for questions

Trials, Layaway, and Tradeins:

  • We will ship violins and bows on trial, subject to limitations
  • We accept 20% down, balance due in 30 days on most
    items to hold the specific item
  • We may accept trade ins, with different amounts allowed on
    our branded items, items originally sold here, and outside
    items; inquire.

Service Work:

  • Most instruments aren't performing anywhere up to their
  • We specialize in getting the most out of violin family,
    mandolins, and guitars.
  • We can do custom setups the way you specify so your
    instrument plays the way you like.
  • We can use techniques developed by Spears, Fry, and
    others (including Steve Perry) to get a clean sweet tone,
    fast response, and exceptional clarity.

Brands Carried:

Maker and seller violin, viola, fiddle, violin case, violin bow, accessories, support, appraisal, restoration,
mandolins, guitars.
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