For   Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass
We select the better bows in our shop from the stock shown by visiting salesmen, allowing us to
"highgrade" the bows.  For the less expensive models, we order bows and then screen them to
assure all play well.  We do not simply order a box of bows and pull one off the top for you!  

Players benefit from "interviewing" bows  (in person or over the phone) to find that perfect match
for the instrument, player and their budget.   At Gianna's we recognize that a good bow makes
all the difference in sound, playability and joy to the customer.  We'll gladly match a bow to an
instrument you send in or are purchasing.

We stock violin bows and order in viola, cello, & bass on request, with discount for pre-purchase.
See my
bow FAQ .pdf for gobs of information.  

Lots of reference links - worth looking at!

We normally price bows below market price, especially with outfits.  Agreements with suppliers
often prevent advertising these prices.  Please inquire.

Bow Makes Stocked:

Arcos Brasil silver mounted pernambuco
Arcos Brasil nickel mounted pernambuco
Arcos Brasil special silver, gold by special order

IStrings silver mounted pernambuco
IStrings nickel mounted pernambuco
IStrings 1/2 nickel mounted pernambuco

The entire Coda line - the Luma being a favorite violin bow

We also stock budget bows
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mandolins, guitars.
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