There's more performance inside your instrument and only
Gianna's  has the tools to unleash the music you're missing

Is your instrument withholding on delivering more performance?   Or, is it time to
move up to one that can?  Only Gianna's has the expertise to truly answer this
Gianna's has the expertise to make your current instrument perform at its best.  If
that's not enough, we can advise you towards better options that will save you
hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted frustration.   
We generally work on step-up and semi-professional instruments for amateurs,
rather than very expensive professional instruments.  Our services include:

Get the performance you paid for from your treasured instrument:

  •  Establishes main bending resonance
  •  Involves delicate work inside
  •  Better balance, increased focus, faster response, cleaner tone, and  
    greater projection

Most commonly performed on violin family instruments and mandolins.  
All other instruments, please
inquire first.
The foundation of instrumental performance
  •  Peg fitting & refitting
  •  Neck & fingerboard shaping
  •  Bridge fitting
  •  Soundpost fitting
  •  Fret leveling
  •  Nut/saddle adjustment or replacement
  •  Custom mandolin bridge fit & installation (Cumberland Acoustics, Husky     
    Acoustics, Walrus ivory, etc.)
  •  Basic adjustment

CONTACT US  for price estimates, subject to actual progress of the work done.
Because maintenance is necessary
  •  Seam repairs
  •  Fingerboard & neck work
  •  Minor crack repair

CONTACT US  regarding any major restorations/repairs.
Print it & Ship it!

Complete the  Service Form
and enclose 1 copy for each
instrument you send.

Put completed service form
inside the case.

Recommended carriers:
USPS Priority Mail
Ground or Express Saver

Contact us
We can have your instrument
picked up & shipped to us.

We charge a flat rate of $20 to
$30 for Call Tag shipping to our
shop.  This fee can be
conveniently added to your bill.  
Just pack it and we'll do the rest.
Maker and seller violin, viola, fiddle, violin case, violin bow, accessories, support, appraisal, restoration, Eastman  mandolins  & guitars.

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