This shop doesn't focus on repair work, but we do repairs and restorations so long as we think they are worthwhile.   
If the repair is worth doing, it's going to be done right.
Repair & Service Policies & Agreement
By leaving any item with Gianna, Inc. for any reason, be it safe keeping for the convenience of the owner, repair, restoration,
or any other service or purpose, the owner agrees to the following terms:

1.        The term “Gianna” as used in these policies includes partners, employees, apprentices, visitors, workmen, and anyone
else lawfully visiting Gianna, Inc.'s workshop, and further includes any common carrier or subcontractor involved in servicing
an object left with Gianna

2.        Gianna is not responsible for others’ materials and work including design, construction materials, construction quality,
previous repairs, varnish, and anything else associated with an object left with Gianna, Inc.

3.        Gianna is not a generally authorized repair center for any brand or make of instrument or other object except those
manufactured at Gianna.

4.        Gianna is not responsible for damage to varnish from disassembly, reassembly or gluing open seams where clamps
are required, or heat is required; specifically, Gianna is not responsible for damage to bows during attempts at straightening
or from properly carried out rehairing operations.

5.        Any estimates given at Gianna are approximate only; estimates may be revised at will.  Customers are responsible for
final charges if work was required.

6.        Repairs will be handled in as timely a manner as feasible.  In leaving an object to be repaired or serviced, owner
acknowledges that repairs on objects not purchased at Gianna are a relatively low priority and will take an indeterminate
amount of time to complete.  Any date of completion given is not a promise and forms no part of a contract.

7.        Gianna may use subcontractors to perform repairs.  Owner specifically gives Gianna, Inc. permission to use
subcontractors, including permission to ship to and from subcontractors.

8.        Gianna is a bailee and does not take title to objects left for repair.  By leaving an object with us for repair, the owner
agrees we have no liability other than for gross negligence.  By leaving an object with us for repair, the owner agrees that our
liability is limited to the fair market value of the object and that the Owner remains responsible for insuring the object at all

9.        By leaving an object with Gianna for repair, owner agrees to pay all reasonable repair charges including parts, labor,
subcontractor charges, shipping, and other charges that may reasonably arise.  Owner agrees that Gianna, Inc. may
undertake reasonable and related repairs of modest cost that were not initially planned for, such as replacing an endpin, fixing
bad pegs, replacing a soundpost.

10.        If owner fails to pay all reasonable repair charges, owner agrees that Gianna may retain the article in question and
treat as unclaimed under Illinois law.

11.        Owner acknowledges that Gianna maintains a Repairman’s Lien under Illinois Law on unclaimed items under statutory
and common law.  Owner agrees to pay a reasonable storage fee depending on the article left as determined by Gianna for
any period 30 days or greater following notification.

12.        Repair warranties:   Gianna warranties structural repair work and raw materials used in repairs for 30 days following
completion of the repair and notification of the owner.  Gianna, Inc. does not warranty commercial products used in repairs
including strings.  Gianna does not warranty bow hair against breakage.  To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law,
Gianna expressly disclaims any other warranties and conditions on repaired items, whether express, implied or statutory, and
including but not limited to all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement of third
party rights.  For commercially available components used in repairs, contact individual  manufacturers for warranty service

13.        Gianna does not promise player satisfaction with performance following steps intended to improve performance and
response.  These processes are inherently variable and have different effects on different instruments.  Gianna will
competently perform steps and processes that generally and consistently provide changes in performance that players  
generally report are improvements.  Owners agree that disappointment at the kind or amount of improvement is not a breach
of contract or warranty and does not represent a cause of action.   


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