We aren't primarily focused on
repairs.  We fully support
warranty work and other work
for our current clients and will
take on repairs from others.

1.  New instrument setup
2.  Acoustic optimization
3.  Maintenance & warranty
4.  Other repairs for existing clients
5.  Other repairs
  • General maintenance
  • Pegs, refit, replace
  • Peg bushings
  • Perfection Peg (tm) installation $110
  • Fingerboard planing
  • Neck shaping
  • Bridge, student or profession, fiddle, folk or
  • Soundpost
  • Seam & crack repair
  • Cleaning
  • Minor varnish work
  • Acoustic Optimization
  • Edgework
  • Will consider other work
  • We do not specialize in repair of fine or rare
    instruments or major restorations

Bow Repair
  • Rehair $50
  • Recamber & straighten
  • Grip
  • Wrap
  • Head repairs
  • Frog repairs
  • When we're busy, we'll sub out this work to a fine
    US bowmaker

  • We'll take a look and advise
Please check the priorities above.  We
can't drop everything to do a major
repair on a minor instrument from
someone we don't usually support.  
Minor work we will attempt to fit in.  
Major work will simply take a long time.

We're not cheap, we're not expensive.  
Generally based on $55/hour shop rate

See here for terms.
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