Violin Family Services
Our services include:

  • Basic setup of neck, fingerboard, bridge, etc.
  • Acoustic optimization building on the work of Deena Spears
  • Custom work on our own instruments
  • Workshops
  • Writing
There's usually more performance in the instrument

  • Establishes main bending resonance
  • Involves delicate work inside
  • Better balance, increased focus, faster response, cleaner
    tone, and greater projection
All instruments require maintenance

  • Seam repairs
  • Fingerboard & neck work
  • Minor cracks
  • Contact us before sending in major repairs
Setup is crucial to instrument performance

  • Peg fitting & refitting
  • Neck and fingerboard shaping
  • Bridge fitting
  • Soundpost fitting
  • Basic adjustment
  • Inquire for price estimates, subject to actual progress of
Setup Services
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